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Bryana and Jamie- Love in Sunshine Meadows

Bryana and Jamie are longtime sweethearts about to set off into marital bliss this September in Edmonton!  They were also the winners of our wonderful getaway contest hosted by Weddings In Alberta, The Rimrock Hotel, White Mountain Adventures/Sunshine Meadows, Cougars Liquor and myself, the proud photographer!  Bryana, being a nurse, and Jamie, an urban planner,  are both young and well seasoned travels. They were in their car at 7:15am and drove from Edmonton to Sunshine Meadows to meet for our noon photo-shoot!  They sported the pretty much raddest outfits the peaceful meadows of Sunshine has ever experienced!

We took a lovely hike to Grizzly Lake, enjoying all of  the Western Anemone- “Hippie Head’s” covering the ground.  They are the most animated and happy looking blossom we have ever seen!  Although the full flower blossom in the meadows took place yesterday (6 days later) we were totally satisfied with the outstanding views and lush greenness throughout the entire hike!  So… a huge thank you to White Mountain Adventures!

Bryana + Jamie were such a pleasure to work with– they were so affectionate and tender, kissing and hugging each other effortlessly! After our hike this sweet couple returned to Banff to enjoy a fabulous night at the stunning Rimrock Hotel, enjoying the views from their room and drinking a very experience bottle of Champagne from Cougar’s Liquor in Canmore!  I hope you all enjoy the images!









Bryana I love this look!



























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