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Miracles Do Happen: Kristina and Mitch’s Silvertip wedding

There are times in our life where we have to question– do things really happen for a reason?  Are we connected to a greater spiritual world and if we are not, can someone please explain why timing and chance can leave us breathless and in tears by the works of what seems to be a miracle.

I will never forget when Kristina contacted me about capturing her up-coming wedding to Mitch.  I can still hear her little voice over the phone taking a deep breath and telling me she had just lost both her parents to cancer– with in months of each-other.   I being a mother of two and living too far from my own family lost it crying.  How does a young beautiful woman cope with this kind of tragedy and find the strength to organize their wedding?      Omgoodness my heart was broken… after we hung up I called my mom crying this would be a nightmare for most people.

So why am I writing this seemly sad post…  At their wedding I witnessed something that left me speechless (as well as their massive crowd of guests)– was it a miracle or was it by-chance, what ever the forces were it left me overwhelmed with hope and confidence that their is some ‘greater being’ watching over us.

For their ceremony we had fantastic spring weather and as they began their family portraits a we could see heavy rain coming down the valley, we completed all images just in time to get the bride and groom in my Lexus to do our photo tour around the town of Canmore!  But unfortunately it began to rain so hard and with such heavy winds I looked at Kristina and said maybe you are meant to be back at Silvertip with your friends and family!  I reminded her that if the sky’s clear we can simply go on the breathtaking golf course for portraits!

So after an extraordinary meal (catered by Silvertip) and many loving and tender speeches, including that of Kristina’s older brother (who walked her down the isle) and Mitch and Kristina’s, I was told to look out the back window of the Pavilion Banquet room… to our surprise there was the largest double arched rainbow with the most intense indigo I have ever seen!  We rushed the bride and groom out the ballroom doors onto the back deck and as the over 100 guests followed us, and in the rain with the massive rainbow we all cried tears of the unknown… was it possible their parents were sending us a sign to say “we’re here with you and watching over you”.  After Saturday I will now say I have tapped into a greater spiritual side, be it by chance or luck or some great power from above no one there that night will ever ever forget how unbelievable that was.

Please enjoy a few of their wedding photos!  Thank you so much Silvertip for everything!  As always you hosted an incredible event!!!


One last thing… these two have been in love for 14 years since they were teens and were planning to get married before Kristina’s parents took sick with cancer.  When she booked me a year ago there was no baby in her belly but there is now… A big baby bump!!!  Congratulations Kristina and Mitch (and Baby bump), I give you all the love in the world from me!!!



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