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Mom + Dad’s visit to Alberta

This month my brother and I have been enjoying our parents visiting from Halifax, NS.  Needless to say my children are on a high and my parents too are so happy to be with their grandchildren.  With all the crazy weather we have received this summer my parents agree, never before have they seen extreme weather shifts!

In one month we have experienced (weather wise),  daytime highs that range from +10 to +33, marble size hail, funnel clouds, rainbows and harvest moons.

To boot, Mom and Dad have seen their first canola fields, prairie sunset, bears as we drove through the Icefields Parkway, and the amazing wildflowers that cover the Bow Valley in July.

All in all, their trip has been a success and there is still one week to go:)


I am convinced, after this last vacation to the flatlands of Alberta, why many prairie folks who have become mountain climbers are so darn tough.  The elements these people endure are EXTREME!  The photos above were taken last week when the temperature in Black Fauld was +33.  In basically the same moment I was taking these images I turned around in the opposite direction to see the images below!  Holly Molly!

Storm clouds rushed towards us faster than I have ever seen cloud move… then they started circulating above our heads!  My brother and sister in law were convinced we were under funnel clouds and we were about to witness a tornado!

It didn’t tun into one, thankfully, although you’ll also see below the rain that showed from the sky!  REALLY impressive~

My little Julia doing what she loves best… dancing to the beat of her own rhythm!




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