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Crista Lee and Ruben *Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer Based in Canmore Alberta

Here is a little about us... Crista Lee and Ruben! We are husband and wife who live in Canmore and I, Crista Lee have owned and worked full time at my company "Crista Lee Photography" for almost a decade! I hope my images speak for themselves, my style is unique and was developed by following what felt right to me in my artistry and my background in journalism...not from the inspiration of others.  My work is consistent as will be the product you receive. There are no "one off" images that I try to upsell...  You are welcome to look through my galleries and know that the body of work you will be receiving will be consistent to what you see me sharing with you now!  

'Crista-Lee Mitchell

This picture of Ruben and I was taken at 'The Bear and Bison' in Canmore November 2016! It was such a beautiful RCPM Lodge wedding to photopgraph! 

'Crista Lee Photography

I (Crista Lee) specialize in photographing love and the human experience in all its forms, from weddings to engagement sessions and family photos. My husband Ruben is a passionate videographer who will be videoing your wedding alongside me shooting! We live here in beautiful Canmore Alberta, and know Banff National Park extensively!

Since I was 13 years old I knew I was going to be a photo journalist, a story teller of images that had people in them... After many dedicated years of photography study, and years of experience working as a documentary maker and news photographer, I am happy to say nothing has changed in that lifelong passion of mine.. Story telling through my photography is my life!  My company is built with the concrete principal -- I believe in the importance of family, love, marriage, enjoying in all of its colours-- the days when life is perfect and the days when we are weakest. I strive for my images to capture you and your loved ones in moments that will bring a smile to your face for a lifetime. Time passes so fast and being able to look back on your wedding day and/or your family portraits is a gift. I believe these moments should be captured with heartfelt dedication.

I am a long time resident of Canmore nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, a wife and a mother of two little awesome children!  I have only had one career in my life and it has always been a photographer.  

We are taking bookings now for 2017-2018 and look forward to hearing from you!

Testimonials from real Rocky Mountain Clients

As a bride, Crista Lee was able to quickly put me at ease. She not only connected with me, but everyone. She captured the vision we were after and added to it. The photos she produced so accurately recreated the day, it feels like we are back there whenever we look at them. If there exists a "love and joy" filter for a camera lense, I believe Crista Lee owns one.

Christa Lee also knows all the perfect spots in Banff, regardless of weather (ours was in November - brrr!) and was considerate of not only the limited daylight hours we had to work with but the well-being of our older guests.

Then there's the magic...which seems to follow Crista Lee's energy everywhere. It didn't matter if we stopped at Starbucks or if it was two deer that crossed our path when exiting the car: the story and photos that unfolded at each location were gold.

If you want something extra, something above the status quo for your special day, you've found it with Crista Lee.

Kate Vanwely

I loved Crista! She was so sweet and was the perfect photographer for our intimate wedding at Emerald Lake with close friends and family. And her portfolio speaks for itself!



Sharlene Lillo

We hired Crista Lee to capture our heli-wedding in Canmore Alberta. I can’t say good enough things about working with her. From the first phone call to the many emails I sent her, it was a pleasure working with her. She captured every moment that day the exact way I was hoping she would. It was important to me to work with a photographer who was fun, easy to get a long with, had experience taking photos in a natural outdoor environment, and above all, took original, creative pictures. Every day, I look back on our pictures and re-live that moment like it was yesterday thanks to Crista Lee Photography. Highly recommend!

Melissa Emond

Crista lee photographed our wedding in August 2013 and she made sure we were able to capture our special day. Not only was she professional but she brought her amazing personality along with her. Crista lee has great knowledge on how to capture the most amazing views in the Canmore/Banff area. I would recommend her for all your photography needs if you're wanting someone that will make you feel like a million bucks and like she has known you for years.



Nicole Thompson

Had the privilege of having Cristalee do my engagement pictures up in Canmore that turned out so perfect she made us feel so comfortable. Then somehow convinced her to come to Edmonton to shoot our wedding and I can't even begin to describe how amazing that day was and how amazing the pictures turned out. Looking at them was totally surprised how she captured everything. If anyone is looking for a photographer who will be fun and so great at what she does. . this is the one for you!

Leah Salmeron

Crista Lee was really amazing! Her energy was great and she is an incredible photographer! She is also super sweet, so made the photo shoots relaxing :) She was more expensive than others we considered, but worth the money! :) Highly recommend!



Breanna Albrecht

Thank you Crista-Lee for capturing our special day so beautifully. My husband and I wanted to find a photographer who would be able to capture our day with photos that told a story and really showed natural and real moments of the day and you accomplished just that and more. We absolutely adore our photos and could not be happier that you were our photographer. Your energy and passion of photography really shines through your work. You were such a pleasure to work with. Anyone who is looking for an energetic, talented and passionate photographer I highly recommend Crista-Lee you won't be disappointed! She knows the area well and all the magical spots to take wedding photos.



Jackie Gullion

Crista-Lee was our photographer at our wedding at Emerald Lake Lodge, Yoho National Park in April. The pictures are absolutely STUNNING!! Marcus and I spent yesterday afternoon going through them and we are amazed by all the beauty she captured on our wedding day! We love them so much! At the time, we didn’t realize the lighting, reflections, backgrounds she was able to capture in our photos – it is truly magic. It was a pleasure being photographed by her - she was professional, yet so much fun. Crista-Lee, Thank you so so much for photographing our wedding day. You did an outstanding job!

Zahra Ould-Hamouda

My husband and I are so happy with our choice to hire Crista Lee as our photographer for our wedding day! She and her team captured our day so perfectly and gave us much more than we expected and more than was required of her. I think it is important to have a photographer that not only takes amazing photos but also comes with a positive energy to add to your day and she has exactly that. She was an uplifting, happy presence to have around on our wedding day & a joy to hang out with! She has such a uplifting, warm, genuine personality. I could not be happier with our decision and HIGHLY recommend her.
Thank you so much Crista Lee!!

Jenna Heatherington

Prices and Investment

Crista Lee and Ruben are the perfect team to capture your wedding photography and video documentary in Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise!









Our 2018 Collections

Book now as there are only 8 spots left for the 2018 season

*Please note prices are subject to change* 



Hourly $1800 for video and photography               * $1200 for Video or photography hourly when individually sold 

Family sessions per hour $850 for photography for fist two clients *Additional clients sitting fee $75 per person

3 Hour Elopements  photography and video starting at $3400   *                       Photography only $2800

6 hour wedding coverage with photography and video starting at $4400     *    Photography only $3800

8 hour wedding + 2 hour engagement session, photography and video starting at $5800  *   Photography only $4800

10 hour wedding plus +2 hour engagement session photography and video $6800   *  Photography only $5500

20 page 11x15" Custom Wedding albums are available for additional purchase starting at $2000

Additional hours on your wedding day can be pre booked at $1000 per hour

*Custom packaes are available if you are having a wedding that spands over seveal days*

If videography is not required there are options to only have photography


  During your enagement session you will have both photography and videography experienced!  This is our chance to have one on one time with you both as a couple and a chance for you to not only experience how much fun it is to create amazing photos you will be interview for video footage and sound overs that will be used in your wedding day video coverage!


When you choose Crista Lee Photography you are hiring a Crista Lee a professional photographer and her husband Ruben, a videographer to capture your wedding day as a team. Crista Lee has been shooting weddings in the Bow Valley as her full time career for almost a decade is one of Canmore and Banff's most trusted photography vendors. She has spent her entire adult life as a professional documentary photographer for international film festivals, news and wedding photography. Story telling is her passion. Crista Lee has received two "Fearless" awards, as well as one her wedding images being nominated by McLeans Magazine, covers of several National Newspapers with her wedding images including the National Post, the Edmonton Sun as well, the Huffington Post.  As a story teller of weddings the biggest honour in her career so far was having McLean's Magazine nominate one of her wedding images from a couple who got married here in Canmore during the Alberta Floods, as one of the top 100 most significant images in Canadian History. You do not receive that kind of notification by paying to enter a photo contest... "McLeans" is Canada's #1 news magazine pubication!  

There has been no variations in her career and she has extensive studies in commercial photography. These studies allow herself and my team to confidently enter into any lighting conditions, in any venue and create stunning story telling imagery. She makes light where there is none and utilize natural light when it too is available. She has a photojournalism major and master's studies in International and Inner-cultural communications. And has live in Canmore, Alberta full time since 2003.

She takes her work of story telling wedding days very seriously. With all products produced she wears her heart on her sleeve. She edits and cull all images herself in her studio and for that reason she will never shoot more than one wedding per week,  She takes pride in creating a consistent product from being to end of the day and stay true to her artistry, so that if you look at an image almost immediately you will say "Awe that's a Crista Lee wedding photo".  

Her husband Ruben will be alongside Crista Lee for your engagement session and your wedding day documenting by video the footage and words you share to bring together your wedding video to life. They will send you a questionnaire before you meet them for your engagement sesion and that will help provoke thoughts and reflections as to why you fell in love and for them to learn more about you guys as a couple!  

For Crista Lee and Ruben having a video documentary of under 10 minutes that you can share with your friends, family and loved ones is so very special! It is a way that not only you both as a couple can relive your wedding day, also the loved ones who can not join here in the mountains may also see the highlights of your wedding day. Being able to relive your wedding day though compleling and stunning wedding photographs and video with voice is the perfect combination possible! You and your partner can relive though video some very precious moments such as your first dance though more than just photography! She takes exceptional first dance photos but it is so nice to bring that moment to life as well!   

Crista Lee Photography has very close working relationships with the large venues here in the Bow Valley and Banff National Park, she knows the lighting and were to go for all times of the year, she knows most of the hotels and resorts inside and out, including the Banff Springs and Chateau where knowing the resort can make or break your wedding photography experience. How to park, where to park, where to avoid crowds in high tourist season in Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise.

You also have the option to add on a beautiful wedding album! Please go to the "Contact page" and inquire now or send us an email!




Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Wedding vendors that Crista Lee Reccomends

As a small business here in Canmore specializing in weddings and family photos I want to share with you some of the other local veundors that can help you have the most amazing Banff, Canmore and Lake Lousie wedding experiance! I really love working with the companies listed below.... I have grown to trust that their products will be reliable, creative, fresh, present and created from the hearts of very good people.  With much pride I share their names and links to their websites to you.





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I can not stress enough to you the importance of budgeting for limo service if you are having your wedding in the high sessions of June-September and you have large wedding parties.  Having a limo company that can fit your entire wedding party into one vehicle and who knows this valley and its roads can make or break your portrait session.  Driving is very congested here in our National Park and is not to be underestimated. When one of these two local Limo companies bring you on your wedding portraits tour with me, Crista Lee Photography, it will allow for us to have much more time together taking photos without the worry of getting seperated from your wedding party or lost from eachother- when trying to caravan large groups around the National Park--  "Caravaning" family cars sutiifed full of family members and during your tour likely will chew up more time than you can imagine!  This is your day so spend the time and money where it is best allocated!  A local limo service for large wedding parties is certainly worth it's weight in gold! With these two companies you will not want for anything-- they are both operated out of Canmore-Banff, so they know how to get to all the great locations, park their Limos, turn their Limos around ect!  Please I encourage you... if your bridal protaits are important to you and you have wedding large bridal parties please contact either of these companies!  I do not recommend getting companies from Calagry without having me contact them to ensure the driver knows this area-- in 8 years of running my company I have not once had any company that can compare to these two Alpine Limo or Highland!  They know this area, they know me, my staff and they will open your doors hold your wedding dress as you walk.... seriously and the most important is that they are 100% reliable, and professional and we will have a much better photo tour especially with groups if we have them along with us!

Highland Limousine Service | Highland VIP Chauffeur

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Crista Lee Photography is booking now for 2017-2018- Space is limited

Canmore Alberta Canada

We shoot a maximum of one wedding per week and no more than 20 weddings a year as we do not outsourse any of our work!  Thats right... I edit and work with each image as Ruben does as well all his video's by hand!  So if you love our work please be sure to contact us and check our availablity for your wedding!

We are booking now for 2017 and 2018*

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